Olga Chajmová Holcová


My story

Painting, my second language

I was born in the Czech Republic, but I spent part of my childhood in Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have enjoyed painting since I was little, because my mother, who spends her free time oil painting, introduced me to its charms. Travelling, getting used to new places and discovering new cultures probably affected me the most in my life. This made painting an integral part of how I expressed my feelings, as it is sometimes difficult to find the right words in a foreign language, as well as in one’s mother language. 

Art as a profession

I graduated in social services, then made my living as a translator and finally settled in a larger company. However, I did not feel fulfilled by the office work, and only with the birth of my children did I gain the courage to fully devote myself to my passion – painting. 

At first, I showed my work only to family and close friends, and only after the first positive responses did I decide to share it on social networks. Within a few months of sharing my work, several foreign galleries approached me independently.

The paintings I paint

Thanks to the memories of post-war Sarajevo, I realise that life has its dark side. At the same time, the years spent in routine jobs made it clear for me that it was necessary to bring a piece of something joyful and beautiful into my life. A piece of art that disrupts the mundane, elevates the moment. And that is why I paint.

I try new techniques, materials, motifs and styles. I try to constantly develop, move forward and express my themes and the way I see the world through my paintings. Anytime I create a new painting, it is always an original with a new theme. 

Currently, I focus on creating structures using various materials – such as acrylic, wax, epoxy resin, modelling paste, glass, gold leaves, crystals and stones.

You can find different collections on the website, sorted by colours or materials used

What I base my painting on and what inspires me

My creative process is based not only on my family’s history, but it is also significantly influenced by music and my current moods, detached from the mundane stereotype.

Of the well-known painters, I admire Gerhard Richter and František Kupka the most. Of the world’s most famous paintings, I have always enjoyed the Scream from Edvard Munch, the founder of expressionism, whose style is as close to me as abstraction is.

I like to follow modern artists and art in general – be it sculpture, architecture or photography. It is important for us to support each other nowadays, but I stick to my style and constantly strive to improve it. 

If you find a painting in my collections that you would like to have in your collection, do not hesitate to contact me.

Olga & media

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